Ernie Manning Pinjarra Harness Selections


Monday December 3 2018

Ernie Manning selects

RACE 1: ITS ROCK AND ROLL, Patrickthepiranha, Shockwave, The Kraken.

RACE 2: HARRY GOODMATE, Disco Durante, Delightfull, Cheap Thrillz.

RACE 3: STARLIGHT DESTINY, Valbonne, Carramar Philemon, Lady Chelsea.

RACE 4: COME DANCE WITH ME, Kitura, Mon Lamour, Tajie Baby.

RACE 5: BETTOR B ABELIEVER, The Midas Touch, Soho Reaper, Writing On Thewall.

RACE 6: ROCKY THE OUTLAW, Tactile Sensation, Dredlock Rockstar, Kid Colossus.

RACE 7: SWEET N FAST, You Gotta Have Faith, Suzies Gem, Courage Tells.

RACE 8: ROCKNROLL BABY, One Bid Buys, Tenno Sho, Our Summer Vacation.

BEST BET: Sweet N Fast. DOUBLE: Bettor B Abeliever.




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