Ernie Manning’s Northam Harness Selections


Saturday 12th May 2018

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: INDEPENDENCE ROSE, Walsh, Its Set In Stone, Batavia Shadow.

RACE 2: ROCK ME OVER, Mr Henry, Carrerra Mach, Bee Seventeen.

RACE 3: BECHERS BROOK, The Marble Ridge, Mossdale Flynn, Rock The Joint.

RACE 4: SEEKNYOUSHALLFIND, Brookies Jet, Zacharia, Imani Capri.

RACE 5: REMARKABLE, Bonsu, Bettor Reward, Mister Tom Dooley.

RACE 6: SOHO LEVIATHAN, Iceenothink, Blissntheblack, All The Whispers.

RACE 7: SUSIE ROCKS, Ay Jays Dream, Rockin The Boys, Blackjack Anna.

RACE 8: CHANGE DOON NOW, Jackygee, Tartary Hope, Soho Reaper.

RACE 9: WIN AND GRIN, American Voodoo, Black Suede, Precious Timepiece.

BEST BET: Bechers Brook.

DOUBLE: Susie Rocks.




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